Who Is Mountain Sky Pictures

We’re the same team behind Game Glow Studio, HostArmor, Social Groovy, and New Star Apps.

This site, portfolio, and information serves as a subset of our network so that we can better assist the specific needs of media production. The focus here is all about photography and videography, with some of it touching on editing and production value.

What We’re Doing

Outdoor Photography
The forest here is beautiful and we embrace that with stock photography and videos.

Virtual Commercials
Combining technology and art, we create virtual web commercials for businesses.

On Location Filming
We’re mobile and will meet you where the need it. Whether that be the site of a wedding or a home for sale.

Studio Recording
A BlueYeti is on hand for those times where we need a professional studio voiceover.


All our videos are filmed in FHD 1080p 60fps video with image stabilization enabled and the LoLux system for environments with limited lighting. Once transcoded to our workstations, we pick the end format and brush up the video as needed. In addition, we have a full sized Magnus tripod to give full stabilization with a fluid head for panning shots or continued filming.

We also have a Nikon DSLR on hand for still photos or additional video angles, as well as two action cameras for wide angle or motion shots. If needed, we can film from four separate angles at once on three tripods.


We have a fully equipped backdrop studio with 4-point lighting and black, white, or green backgrounds. We also have a mini lightbox with 2-point lighting for product photography. As all our equipment is mobile, we can go to where you are. Photobooth for your party? No problem!

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